About us..

Smith Creative is a husband and wife photo and video team serving couples and brands out of Nashville, Tennessee. Jordan + Seth met at a wedding in 2018 which looking back is so fitting as they build a company surrounded by the very thing that brought them together.

JORDAN - Head of Photography

Jordan is a wedding photographer based in Nashville, TN. She has been photographing her surroundings and the people around her for 15 years and absolutely loves love! She has spent the last few years gaining knowledge and experience by working along side some of the top photographers in the Nashville wedding industry and is excited to pave her own path.

SETH - Head of Videography

Seth is a touring musician turned wedding videographer after being married to a wedding photographer for 3 years. He greatly enjoyed making personal content of their everyday lives and adventures and decided to take the leap and join heads with his wife with the goal of building a company that brings value to others. He is well versed in audio and visual arts.

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